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A recorded performance of “Stupid Binary”: a Max/MSP MIDI piece
“Coffee on Coffee”: A How-To Guide for Developing Your Film About Coffee With Coffee
Experimental Documentary about the linguistic & cultural history of the tomato.
Screened @ &Now Festival, Sept. 2019.
“Higher Ground.”
InnerActive Video based on ’90s computer games & the topography of Buffalo, NY.
“Aztec Elvis.”
Video Essay about Elvis’s last performance.
Three Short 16mm Films
“Coffee”: A 16mm Short Film hand-developed with Caffenol-C
“Vito:Bill. 4:3.”
Video Essay.
“It depends on what the meaning of the word is is.”
“By Hand.”
Docu-Essay on the making of Taleggio cheese in Val Taleggio, Italy.
Documentation of installation piece, “Ceres the Reaper.”
Silo City. Buffalo, NY.
Features two projected videos and live sound performance.
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